Mary Beth Fiorentino

contemporary jewelry | graphic design

Archival Cover Creation


1. Picture of the Mona Lisa

To begin, a screenshot of DaVinci's Mona Lisa was pulled from the web for reference. Colors are adjusted as best as possible and a digital proof is printed as a master reference.


2. Mock-Up of Cover

The image is placed into a cover mock-up and type is added. It is important to have a very clear idea where the image will have to extend to accommodate the alteration of proportions.


3. A Pencil Sketch

Once the mock-up is approved, the illustrator begins with a pencil sketch, ensuring to replicate as many details as possible from the original and “making up” information where extension is needed. 


4. Digital Coloring

Once the pencil sketch is complete, the color proof is referenced while the illustrator digitally renders all of the color.